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Empowering & Nurturing Vibrant Ministries


As your congregation discerns new and vibrant ways to live out your mission, we are here to partner with you in this Spirit-filled work.


The New & Renewing Missions Table

supports leaders and congregations who want to engage in holy experimenting in their context for the sake of the gospel. We would love to partner with you as you develop ideas and look for funding.

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    We have grants available from a number of different sources

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    We also have a diverse team of leaders who have experience with revitalizing ministry in their own locations and are more than happy to help.

Contact Rev. Jason Shank, Director of Evangelical Mission, for more information at

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Vitality & Growth Coaching Grants

Rostered leaders within the Metro D.C. Synod are invited to apply for a grant to receive coaching in areas of vitality and growth within their local context and congregation.

These grants aim to promote leadership development among rostered ministers, leading to vital congregations and transformed communities.

New & Renewing Missions Grants

There are grants available from a number of different sources that your congregation can apply for. Any congregation in the Metro D.C. Synod can apply for a New & Renewing Missions grant. Grants are more likely to be awarded to fund mission strategies that are innovative and more interactive with a congregation’s neighbors in a way that is contextually appropriate for the recipient congregation.

The grant proposal will be reviewed by the:

  • Director for Evangelical Mission
  • The New and Renewing Missions Table
  • And possibly the Synod Council, depending on the source of funds and the size of the request.

Submit a New & Renewing Grant Request

Once you have finalized your grant idea, you can submit your request using the fillable PDF form below. Also, see the sample form below to help you prepare to submit a grant request.

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Congregation Partnership Grants

The New and Renewing Mission Table encourages congregations to seek out ways to dream up partnerships with local communities of faith!

This grant will allow you to experiment, explore, take risks, build relationships, and see what happens!

Rostered Minister Sabbath Grants

Any rostered minister called to a congregation or organization of the Metro D.C. Synod is invited to apply for a Sabbath mini-grant to support personal rest and renewal. Rostered ministers are encouraged to take time off and away, ideally on a Sunday or other primary work days.


Campus Ministries Exploration & Growth Grants

Submit a grant request to support your congregation's efforts to explore and/or launch partnerships with local community, state, and private colleges or universities in ministry.

The hope is to continue to engage, be in dialogue with and walk alongside students during this special time in their lives in the name of Christ.

New & Renewing Missions Table Members