A prayer: Mothering God…

Group 236

“Mothering God,
you gave us birth in the bright morning of this world.
Creator, source of ev’ry breath,
you are our rain, our wind, our sun.”*

As we celebrate mothers this week,
we thank you for all the people who have served as mothers.
They have protected and nourished us,
defended and loved us,
by giving us their very own lives.

We repent of the times we have disrespected and abused,
enslaved and imprisoned people who have been mothers.
Send your fierce love to anyone who is suffering
because they care for children.

And, help us heal from the times mothers have hurt children.
Knit us all together with creative wisdom,
feed us with bold compassion,
and send us forth with wild courage.

When mothers call us to justice and peace,
mercy and health, help us listen intently.
More than lending mothers a hand, let us follow their lead. Amen.

MAY 11, 2018
The Rev. Michael D. Wilker
Lutheran Church of the Reformation

*from Jean Janzen’s hymn based upon Julian of Norwich. Evangelical Lutheran Worship #735.