Aging well in Georgetown

Group 236

1604georgetownerDid you know Georgetown Lutheran Church was founded 32 years before Washington was organized as the nation’s capital? It’s neighbors do… especially after reading the upbeat write-up in The Georgetowner.* “The original building was a log cabin, erected in 1769, that served as the place of worship until a newer structure was built in 1835,” it specifies.

“People actually walked by and thought this church was closed to the public and deemed a historical site,” says the congregation’s interim pastor, the Rev. Janice  Mynchenberg, in the article. She asserts the congregation has moved through time and challenges with vitality. “People get the wrong idea when things go wrong. They are on the outside looking in. There is life and fellowship in this building.”

“It is clear that [Pr. Mynchenberg’s] congregation has not separated themselves from God nor from their neighbors,” observes the article’s author.

“Wow!” exclaimed the Rev. Amy Thompson Sevimli, Assistant to the Bishop, in the Metro D.C . Synod office after reading the piece. “It’s a tribute to Georgetown Lutheran’s faithfulness in good times and bad and to the fruit of that faithfulness in the way in which it has been recognized and shared.”

* “The Patterns of Your Life: Georgetown Lutheran Church” by Shelia P. Moses, The Georgetowner (March 23rd, 2016)