Are you Patched in?

Group 236

The Patch is a new way to connect with the local community around your congregation. It’s free, easy and worth a look.

“I find Patch helpful and a potentially vital tool for congregations or any community organization,” said the Rev. Christine Stephan, pastor of Epiphany Lutheran Church in Burtonsville, Md., of the Web-based, community-specific news and information platform.patchlogo “In my case, it has allowed me to be known by the editor who has thought of me and the congregation as a source for stories and community support.

“It’s an easy, free way to get the word out for events and activities. It links to my blog, which enables me to be a ‘safe’ face for the church in a very neutral way. I find out about community things and can make community connections through it that I otherwise might not have known about.

“All that being said, it hasn’t transferred into more membership, nor has anyone ever come to Epiphany solely because of Patch. It has, however, helped in forging relationships with the Fire Department (the president of that organization comments on Patch on my blog posts rather than on my actual blog) and with the Farmer’s Market.”

See if Patch has a location around your congregation.