Betterer design for your congregation’s communication

Group 236

11commandmentsofbetterdesignDid the “Jesus, Justice, Jazz” logo grab your eye? A free primer on how to “make your stuff look good” – like postcards, bulletin boards and Web presence – is available with Mike Sladek, the guy who designed that logo plus much more during his graphics and design career. I found Sladek’s “11 commandments” a useful summary of what he describes as easy steps to better materials – even considering his affection for the descriptive term “betterer.”

Listen to/view the recently-archived Webinar using your email address. The original Webinar took place in early December as part of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network’s 3rd Tuesday Conversations (3TC). (If time is tight, consider skipping over the first 5 minutes – introductory comments before the meat & potatoes discussion began.)