Make a Gift to the Building Puentes Fund by October 30

Group 236

It’s not easy watching family and friends back home get hit by yet, another devastating hurricane. It is encouraging however, to know that while we grieve with them, we can also engage in mutual accompaniment; our synods can offer financial and spiritual support as the church in Puerto Rico rebuilds and we can sit in awe as we witness what resilience looks like in the face of true tragedy.
May we continue to be a generous and compassionate church together… precisely for such a time as this, with God’s help and in Jesus’ name. Amen.
– Bishop Ortiz

Dear Friends in Ministry,

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to you introducing our new “Generosity Efforts” that we were planning to launch in our synod in the near future. Since that time, the world has changed once more, and one of our partner ministries is in critical need.

Bishop Ortiz and leaders of our synod council have made a change of course. We are pausing our efforts of creating a “Local Ministry Fund” for a little while longer, and in its stead, we wish our first generosity effort together to be one where we will not keep a penny of the effort for ourselves.

Directed by Bishop Ortiz and approved by our synod council, from September 22nd – October 30th (Reformation Sunday), we are inviting individuals and congregations to make a special gift to support relief in Puerto Rico through our Building Puentes (Building Bridges) ministry fund.

Building Puentes is a partnership with the Delaware-Maryland Synod and the Caribbean Synod to give support, aid and relief to the churches and pastors who need financial support now more than ever.

Again, we will not keep a penny of this appeal in our synod but will give every bit of the total gifts collected to the Building Puentes ministry fund.

Please join Bishop Ortiz, our synod council, and me with a gift today to support this critical need.

Thank you again for your consideration and continual generosity,

The Reverend David C. Shank, CFRE
Assistant to the Bishops for Generosity
Delaware-Maryland Synod, ELCA
Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Synod, ELCA



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