Celebrating Platz’ 47 of “Seed Planting”

Group 236

“To share what you have been given, to encourage some glimpse of the caring God – that is all part of the ministry of God’s people in this place,” said the Rev. Elizabeth Platz who was celebrated with a worship service at the Memorial Chapel of the University of Maryland in College Park, Md., on May 6, 2012.

Pr. Platz has served as Chaplain of a multi-faceted campus ministry that provides opportunities for gathering for Word and Sacrament, programs, counseling, service and leadership development. She will soon retire after 47 years in the ministry, which has included the development of the CARing Project and En Camina after school programs engaging students in the community of Langley Park adjacent to the campus and meeting needs of the elementary school there.

“Seed planter” is a way Pr. Platz has described her ministry. “The very momentary nature of ‘seed planting’ means that all that is done, each seed provided, should be as fine as it can be. Accepting this role means the willingness to accept and trust the ministry of others never met, the caring of the church beyond itself, and above all, the work of the Holy Spirit…” as quoted in the bulletin from the worship service.

The Rev. Ray Ranker, who will continue planting seeds on campus after Pr. Platz’ retirement, has submitted these photographs from the celebration.