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Group 236

More than words and music draw us into a worship experience… look around you in a sanctuary, and purposeful color may drape your surroundings and direct your mood.

The Rev. Chris Duckworth blogs for

The Rev. Chris Duckworth blogs for

A local pastor, the Rev. Chris Duckworth of Resurrection Lutheran in Arlington, looks at swaths of blue and purple and helps us reflect on their symbolism in Advent. His post, “Advent: Blue or Purple,” can be found on the new ELCA blog, since original sharing through the congregation’s newsletter.

“No matter your color preference, I hope and pray that you will find this season to be shaded by both the purple and the blue, by the reflective self-examination suggested by the penitential purple and by the hopeful anticipation suggested by the predawn blue — for both colors call us to lives of faithfulness in this time before the coming of our Lord,” writes Pr. Duckworth.