Vitality & Growth Coaching Grants

Vitality & Growth Coaching Grants

The Metro D.C. Synod is currently considering Vitality & Growth Coaching Grant requests. These grants are intended to support rostered leaders within the Synod who are interested in receiving coaching in areas of vitality and growth within their local context and congregation.

As stated on our synod’s website,

“The gift we find in Jesus is that he is for everyone and wants to co-create a love story that is tailor-made for each of us. And then, because the story is so good, he hopes we would share it with any and all who will listen. This is the invitation in our mission statement: that we may have a bold and boundless love for Jesus, so bold and boundless that we cannot but share it, and him, with others… with God’s help and in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

What's This All About?

This coaching initiative will encourage rostered leaders in the Metro D.C. Synod to receive coaching that will allow them to further develop their missional call and vocational skills as leaders in their communities. The goal of these grants is that leadership development will lead to vital congregations and transformed communities.

When reviewing the applications, the New and Renewing Mission Table will follow grant policies established for the Metro D.C. Synod, including the Synod's commitment to equity.

Grants will be given to support one year of coaching and distributed in an amount of up to $1,250 to each successful applicant.

Grants will be distributed to successful applicants in the order received until the funds are exhausted.


If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Jason Shank, Director of Evangelical Mission and Assistant to the Bishop.

Via e-mail:

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How to Apply

For consideration, requests must be submitted electronically through the button.

Successful Applicants Will:

  • Complete the entire application
  • Participate in a conversation with the DEM to discuss the coaching details and goals established for the coaching relationship
  • Submit a one-page “story” of the impact the grant has had on their vitality and growth with the NRMT and for Synod Communications upon completion of their first year of coaching
  • Provide a financial accounting of the use of grant funds
  • Submit any requested materials and respond to any NRMT requests for additional information