Crowdfunding inspiration

Group 236

1312crowdfundingby Karen Krueger

I know a few people who’ve tried it – with varying results. Crowdfunding. With crowdfunding, small amounts of money are typically pooled from a crowd to launch an idea and plan – in contrast to funding through larger chunks of money from a single or fewer sources. Kickstarter is a name you may have heard before, but it is only one example of a platform to bring a group of interested individuals together.

A new crowdfunding site “to help Christian organizations engage their online community to support new, inspired ministry ideas … ideas that meet community needs and bring health, hope and healing,” has been launched by Wheat Ridge Ministries. Wheat Ridge Ministries is a resource for efforts by the Lutheran community to stimulate the initial development of sustainable health and human care ministries.

Their crowdfunding site, WeRaise, serves as a great primer for this rising trend. There’s even a “Crowdfunding 101” webinar to listen to on-demand, and easy-to-follow graphics that help explain dynamics.

Check it out at and Maybe it’ll  successfully launch fresh ideas in ministry.