Deep in the Woods: Dan Roschke’s Path to Renewal with the Mini-Sabbath Grant

Group 236

The Metro D.C. Synod Mini-Sabbath Grant Program is essential for rejuvenating rostered ministers by allowing them crucial time away for spiritual nourishment. These mini-grants cover costs such as alternative leadership and materials needed for Sabbath activities, helping ministers like Dan Roschke to engage in meaningful rest without financial stress.

Pastor Dan’s experience with the grant exemplifies its transformative impact. He used it for a retreat at a secluded cabin in Virginia, where he engaged in a range of spiritual practices from painting to “forest-bathing,” all aimed at deepening his solitude and connection with faith. He turned off his phone, covered the clocks, and focused on prayer and meditation. This retreat allowed him to fully disconnect from daily routines and immerse himself in a period of profound personal reflection.

The benefits of Pastor Dan’s time away were significant. Returning to his community with renewed vigor and a deeper sense of connection, he was better equipped to engage with his congregation and fulfill his ministerial duties. The program not only refreshed him personally but also enhanced his effectiveness in ministry, demonstrating the broader impact of such grants.

The Mini-Sabbath Grant Program plays a vital role in maintaining the well-being of church leaders, emphasizing the importance of rest and spiritual care in sustaining effective ministry. By supporting rostered ministers like Pastor Dan, the program helps ensure that they remain vibrant and energetic in their roles, encouraging others within the community to also take time for their spiritual health. This initiative strengthens both individual ministers and their congregations, fostering a resilient and connected church community.



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