Discipleship in Democracy: Leadership Academy Session

Group 236

This election season our nation is facing unprecedented challenges, including conducting an election during a pandemic, active misinformation campaigns and unsubstantiated claims that the process may be rigged. 

As faith leaders, we have a unique and important role to play in helping strengthen democracy, caring for our congregants, serving as sources of trustworthy information and strengthening the communities we are part of by preparing for potential unrest.  

Join this important conversation with ELCA Advocacy and Metro D.C. Synod staff about what you can do to respond to the threats and concerns during this election season and our ongoing call to civic engagement.

In preparation for this session, please review the new ELCA social message: “Government and Civic Engagement in the United States: Discipleship in a Democracy”

Meet Our Presenters

Amy Rueman, Director of Advocacy for the ELCA

Kim Bobo, Executive Director at Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy