Discussion and voting

Group 236

It’s always fun to discuss resolutions and VOTE! Check out the full text of draft resolutions.


Passed unanimously by voice vote.

  1. CHILD PROTECTION POLICY – Resolution author speaks to the importance of this issue and the need for it to be synod-wide.

Question – Will the synod draft resources and provide training on this topic? Answer: The synod cannot provide resources due to legal reasons, though on the ELCA website and your church insurer’s website there are examples. The Synod Office can offer example policies of other congregations and point you in the right direction.

Passed unanimously by voice vote.

  1. NO WAY TO TREAT A CHILD: Author not present. In the author’s absence, a supporter highlights that in every part of the world children ought to be treated with fairness.

Point of Clarification: Was this resolution in consultation with other faiths or interfaith groups? Answer: Unknown with no author present.

Point of Clarification: Misunderstanding on what we are voting on. “What is it that we are voting on?” Answer: The ‘whereas’ of this resolution is commentary regarding Palestinian youth (as opposed the wider debate on the Holy Land which has been brought forward before in a variety of forms). This is a narrower focus that Palestinian children in Israel are not being treated fairly. This resolution is asking that synod staff to take action as well as individuals in the synod. The ‘whereas’ portions are intended to be sufficient in explaining the reason for the resolution.

Comments against and in support from pastors and lay leaders.

Bishop asked for the use of voting devices: Support: 154 // Oppose: 22 //  Abstain: 11. Resolution was adopted.


Bishop: “Should we ask Pr. Olsen to leave while we vote or just put his head down?” during discussion of this resolution expressing thanks to the Rev. Mark and Kari Olsen for
their service in our synod. [Laughter ensued] After a vote of adopting the resolution, Bishop Graham added, “We will miss you.”