ELCA, Other Religious Leaders Make Commitment to HIV and AIDS Action

Group 236

1012responsetohiv“For three decades now, HIV has continued to spread across all levels of our societies. Stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV continues to fuel ignorance, injustice, denial and hate. At this critical point in the epidemic, I need to be clear in my words and actions that stigma and discrimination towards people living with or affected by HIV is unacceptable.”

These words are part of the opening of the personal commitment to action signed by the Rev. Mark S. Hanson, ELCA presiding bishop, among other religious leaders from many faiths and nations. In a 2010 World AIDS Day message, Bishop Hanson writes to others on the ELCA roster, “Join me in signing on the Religious Leaders Commitment to Action at www.HIVcommitment.net. Join me, at the foot of the cross, in praying for healing and strength for those with HIV and AIDS, and for courage and commitment for all in the ongoing fight against this pandemic.”

Read Bishop Hanson’s statement in full and learn more about the religious leaders’ personal commitment to action movement.