Free advertising beneath the bubble

Group 236

Look up your congregation up on Google maps – lots of people do! Then craft what you see into a bit of free advertising.

Yes, check for accuracy. But there’s more… add a photo, worship times, a short description, even invite a “review” to give a guest a sense of what to expect.

Start the customization process from the Google Local Business Center by registering ownership of what Google Maps displays using your Google account (you can create an account from here if you’re not signed up already). The process isn’t difficult, but it isn’t instant either. Changes and verification can take a few weeks.

When the synod office moved recently, I went through this process. My big surprise? The internet monolith uses snail mail! After doctoring this and adjusting that, Google Headquarters sent a physical piece of paper to 305 E Street containing the last step needed to register as a business with Google.

Tweak suggestions are welcome, but look up the synod office on Google maps. Our presence has a bit of juice! Do the same for your place of worship.