Getting the Message Across

Group 236

“Your church has a message. A message of truth, hope and purpose. But, before people in your congregation or community encounter that message, they encounter your church.

Your job, as Communications Director, is to find the things in your church that attract people to the message and remove the things that repel them.”

1110commjobdescrHow’s that for a job description?! This atypical configuration was found on a church communicator’s blog (“Kem Meyer on Less Clutter & Noise,” 7/13/06).

A few local congregations shared their working job descriptions for persons designated to vision and carry out communications tasks. Maybe they will inspire your church.

Sample 1 – Communications Director (rtf file)
Sample 2 – Director of Communications (rtf file)
Sample 3 – Director, Communications (rtf file, added 10/12)