Gifting graduates

Group 236

We buzz around them with joy and excitement as our graduates and their supporters celebrate academic accomplishment. In these sweet days and the weeks ahead, here are some ideas to encourage them “as they follow Jesus wherever life will take them next.”*1105graduates

  • Encourage young adults in the faith and pass along something that you know is life-giving: Ask young adults if they’ve found a place for worship and Bible study.
  • Connect them with campus ministry, military chaplains and/or local young adults who will support them on their way.
  • Send care packages from the home congregation. Include prayers and notes – which may be especially appreciated at exam or other stressful time!
  • Welcome them when they are able to join your home congregation. Gather young adults during winter and spring breaks to ask how things are going.
  • Pray for them regularly and let them know that your congregation and individuals are doing so.

Find a “Blessing of Graduates” liturgy on the ELCA Web site, which includes this prayer.

Gracious God,
you bless your servants with many achievements.
We give thanks especially for the milestones that
[our graduates] will have attained in their upcoming graduations.
As they begin new phases of their lives,
may they also know your love and experience your peace
in all the experiences they encounter.


* Suggestions taken from a message from campus pastors in the ELCA Delaware-Maryland Synod.