Hallway passing starts relationship

Group 236


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Pastor Samuel Barber of the congregation Dominion Apostolic congregation uses Pastor Mitch Watney’s Good Samaritan Lutheran building for worship in Leonardtown, Md. The two pastors shared in a video discussion their experience, shown to the Synod Assembly by the Racial Equity Team.

While at first they did not worship together, the relationship changed over time. They have evolved from passing by each other in the halls of Good Samaritan to actually spending time with each other. They have built relationships with each other.

Recently, a young member asked the pastors to create a chance to worship together. Pastors Barber and Watney took turns preaching for each other’s services. Pastor Watney expressed his gratitude for their friendship and fellowship.

Pastor Barber likened preaching to a congregation other than his own to trying “to fix a meal that was not my typical meal.” He stated, “You have to fix what a mixed audience can listen to.”

The men delivered an important concept in their discussion. Good Samaritan Lutheran extended a lifeline to Dominion Apostolic so that they could have a place to worship. Through the eventual relationship, the two pastors and their congregations have explored how to bridge two faith communities.