Imago Dei: Embracing the Image of God – A Racial Equity Series

Group 236

During this time of crisis, we are called, as people of God, to listen and to learn from our siblings in Christ of Black/African American/African/Hispanic descent.

Although we wish to immediately be deployed into action to rectify the wrongs of white supremacy, white privilege and racism, it is essential that we self-reflect, especially those of us struggling with a response to racism, and listen to our colleagues and communities most impacted by these sins. 

The Metro D.C. Synod and Racial Equity Team are providing an opportunity for people of all ethnicities, especially white allies, to attend a new Racial Equity series of listening sessions during the month of July.

Each presenter will host a conversation every two weeks to dive deeper into their own area of expertise – Lutheran theology and African American religion, public health and policies, and community organizing and leadership development. 


Each session will be presented on a Zoom webinar, and also streamed to this page, Synod Facebook and YouTube pages.


Upcoming Sessions

Thursday, July 16 at 7:00 PM

Imago Dei: Christ, Color and Covid
Led by: Dr. Ulysses Burley III
This conversation will explore the intersections of faith, health, and race and how the social determinants of COVID-19 have fueled a pandemic that disproportionately impacts people of color. 

Dr. Ulysses Burley III –  Founder of UBtheCURE, a proprietary consulting company on the intersection of Faith, Health, and Human Rights. 

Thursday, July 30 at 7:00 PM

Imago Dei: Justice-Centered Embodied Leadership
Led by: Rozella H. White

Rozella H. White – author of Love Big: The Power of Revolutionary Relationships to Heal the World and owner of RHW Consulting

REMEMBER: this series is not putting the work of ending racism back into the hands of our siblings of color. We each have to act everyday in ways that are anti-racist, but the Church must also provide space for us to listen and allow our siblings to prioritize our energy and actions as allies.

Watch Sessions Here