In the news: Being a neighbor

Group 236

1310thelutheranoctissueWhen people have deliberate and meaningful opportunities to connect with the broader community, integration of resettling refugees is much more successful.* Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSS/NCA) is a strong connection in this chain of compassion, as again portrayed in a feature of the most recent The Lutheran magazine.**

From Eritrea to Montgomery County, Tesfaye Gebre shares his remarkable experiences in the article. Fourteen-year-old Gebre has even crossed paths with Nancy Ann Graham, a member of Hope Lutheran in College Park, Md., and Montgomery County Public Schools teacher. For the valiant personal story, meaningful LSS/NCA ministry and personal brush, Bishop Graham commends the article’s “great local connection.”

Learn how you can be a good neighbor to a new refugee in our area through LSS/NCA online.

* Wording adapted from LSS/NCA website
** “A new future: Lutherans resettle young refugees who are on their own” by Jocelyn Breeland, October 2013 issue