In the news: Crave confidence & contentment?

Group 236

If there are greatest hits among psalms, the 23rd’s probably on top of the list. Why this psalm’s message calls to us – at funerals and in grocery aisles – are thoughts shared by the Rev. Tom Knoll of First Trinity Lutheran Church in D.C. in a recent Washington Post blog post.Psalm 23

“[It] simultaneously challenges the cultural assumption that the path to happiness is paved with gift cards and invites a trust in God’s providence that creates a sense of confidence and contentment that is as precious as it is rare,” Knoll writes in “I Shall Not Want” (PostLocal, 11/10/11).

An exercise testing the truth of the sentiment is suggested. On a blank page, start one column of things you’re thankful for and a second of things you want right now. “Which would have a greater impact, losing all the things for which you are grateful or gaining all the things you currently want?” Knoll asks.

Find comments from folks who did the exercise and read the full post online.