In the news: Local Lutherans comment on insults to faith

Group 236

Exploring the “conflicting feelings” many Americans have about the video that has “sparked deadly protests in the Muslim world,” a report by Voice of America* included comments by the Rev. Karen Brau and members of Luther Place Memorial Church in D.C.

The piece’s title image was spoken by Krista Martin, church choir member. “I think it’s a pretty slippery slope,” she says, “when you start going after religious symbols and religion, and saying, ‘You can say this but you can’t say that.’”

Citing an example of desecration of a Christian symbol, Pr. Brau spoke of her sadness which by extension became sympathy. “And so when you look at it in that way I think I do have understanding as to why it would garner this reaction that seems very very pointed,” she’s quoted as saying.

Pr. Brau will have another opportunity to speak to religious tolerance during a Voice of America scheduled for taping on Oct. 11. The discussion is expected to reach a broad audience including Pakistan, according to Pr. Brau.

The Rev. Richard H. Graham, bishop, ELCA Metro D.C. Synod, was encouraged by the opportunity, saying, “some people will get the chance to understand our faith a little better.”

              *Link to the full article: “Americans Say Curbing Anti-Muslim Speech Would Be ‘Slippery Slope,” by Jerome Socolovsky, Voice of America (9/26/12)