In the News: Neighborhood diversity reflected in Alexandria congregation

“Every Sunday, the corridors of Peace Lutheran Church become an international hub of spirituality,” opens the article by Hamil R. Harris in Saturday’s The Washington Post (1/28/12). The hallways referred to are of Peace Lutheran Church in Alexandria.

“I see the dream of Martin Luther King and others,” the article quotes Nan Apuku saying. “We have people of all nations coming together to worship…”

A photo gallery accompanying the article is posted online.

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  1. Terry Hannon

    Peace Lutheran has a special place in my heart. I’m pleased to see the congregation featured in the Post. What a great way to share the Good News of Jesus Christ! We have many more Metro DC congregations worthy of recognition; let’s get the word out about how God is empowering us in our world!

  2. Josue

    thanks for hhinlightgig us. i’m very excited at how this is taking off, and all the amazing organizations that we have the privilege of walking along side of. i can’t wait to see what creative ways we can partner with LWF youth!

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