In the news: Support for military families

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“The stress and strain of the current operational tempo of our military service members has exacted a high cost from our military families,” observes the Rev. Wollom Jensen in a piece written for “A current active duty military chaplain told me in a recent conversation, ‘There is nothing mysterious about caring for military families. All you have to do is love them,'” he continued.1104militaryfamilies

Drawing from a 20-year career in navy chaplaincy and his current position as the Executive Officer to the Bishop Suffragan for Armed Services and Federal Ministries of the Episcopal Church, Dr. Jensen listed support opportunities for military families at this junction in history and the importance of such efforts. The observance of Military Families Week is an effort by HuffPost and AOL to put a spotlight on issues affecting America’s families who serve.

Read Dr Jensen’s article, “Military Family Appreciation Week: Serving Those Who Stand And Wait” (4/13/11), online.