Justice, reconcilliation, hope

Group 236

1510bishopsconvolist2They valued having “Conversations about Race: Justice, Reconciliation, Hope” when Metro D.C. Synod rostered leaders got together for their annual retreat in October. As individuals, family members, friends, pastors, congregation members and synod representatives, these diverse men and women explored themes of racial justice and directions for our local expression of the church.

Overheard observations* by participants included:

  • The culture we are in is not about us being together.
  • We can only come together through the cross.
  • Regret does not save or change. Only repentance will work.
  • We have to let ourselves be noticed.
  • We’re going to have to support one another more than we may be prone to do.

Here is a list of resources for understanding and combating racism which presenters found useful which they shared in advance of the 2015 Bishop’s Convocation in Staunton, Virginia. Perhaps they will stimulate reflection in your life and circles as well.

1510bishopsconvolistAn observation from Bishop Richard Graham upon closing of the Convo:

  • Get in touch with someone who wasn’t here and make time to talk about these things.


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 *Thank you, Katharyn Wheeler, for tuning your ears to these comments that give us a sense of the gathering.