Tangible table teaching tool

Group 236

Pray for countries in the news and help find your sponsored missionary’s country with the Global Church PlaceMap. It is a FREE resource. Excellent for use as a display, coloring sheet, placemat at global mission dinners, or an educational introduction to www.ELCA.org/map. DOWNLOAD a copy at www.ELCA.org/resources/globalchurch. ORDER printed PlaceMaps in pads of 100 maps each. (Request the number of pads you want: 1 = 100 maps, 2 = 200, etc.) Request 1 or 2 pads (100 or 200 maps) with FREE shipping and handling at 800-638-3522 or RIS@elca.org. For larger orders, shipping and handling charges will apply; please call 800-638-3522, ext. 2657.