Kits and finances helpful relief tools

Group 236

The Lutheran World Federation, a Lutheran World Relief (LWR) partner, has already distributed LWR Project Promise Personal Care and Baby Care Kits to people located in the hardest hit southern region of Haiti following Hurricane Matthew (LWR Press Release, 10/14/16). In the U.S., synods, affiliate-organizations and Lutheran Disaster Response coordinators are collaborating with community leaders, civic organizations, ecumenical partners and officials on damage assessments and planning proper responses. “As this Hurricane has exposed the vulnerabilities we all face in the presence of such powerful force of nature,” says Pastor Joseph Chu, Program Associate for Lutheran Disaster Response-U.S. “It also helps us see the connectedness we have as the Church, through the networks of congregations, social ministry organizations, faith-based non-governmental organizations from the Caribbean countries to the various states in the Eastern seaboard” (FB/LutheranDisasterResponse, 10/9/16). Your kit replenishment, gifts and prayers are needed. More from LWR ( and Lutheran Disaster Response (