Legislative Update – 3/21/11

Group 236

The Legislature adjourns in 3 weeks. “Sine Die” is April 11.

Immigrant Bills.

For a complete list of bills concerning immigrants see attached Immigrant Bill Chart 2011 (March 14) compiled by Casa de Maryland*. MEOPP has submitted testimony on:

  • HB 470 would charge in-state tuition rate to all Maryland High School Students. We supported. It is expected to be voted out of Ways and Means Committee this week. It will possibly go to the House Floor as early as Friday, March 25. The Senate version (SB 167) passed with amendments.
  • SB 239/HB 372 would require the Board of Education to count undocumented public school children in Frederick County. We opposed. Frederick County claims they just want a number so that they can have a dialogue with their federal delegation. SB 239 was given an unfavorable report.
  • SB 676 would require all counties to count undocumented school children in all public schools. We opposed. It received an unfavorable report.
  • HJ 10 (Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws) is a joint resolution that the State should enforce federal immigration laws, end (city) sanctuary policies, require employers to comply with immigration laws, and arrest any person hiring, harboring, or transporting illegal immigrants. It is unclear whether this would apply to a person acting out of humanitarian or religious motivations to help undocumented immigrants. See attached testimony in opposition. It is not expected to get out of committee because there is strong Casa support in the Committee.
  • HB 744 (Citizens Rights Act) authorizes law enforcement officers to verify the immigration status of specified persons. Hearing is March 22 in the Judiciary Committee. We will oppose.
  • HB 896 prohibits police from inquiring into immigration status of crime victim or witness. Hearing is March 22 in the Judiciary Committee. We will support.

Death Penalty Repeal.

The hearing for HB 1075 was March 15 in the House Judiciary Committee. Dr. Deckenback testified, and MEOPP submitted written testimony. For a compilation of press reports see attached DP Media Compilation*. SB 837 is in the Senate Rules Committee.


Full Legislative Update – 3/21/11

* Supplementary Information Referred to in Legislative Update available upon request.