Looking ahead to 2013

Group 236

The ELCA Metro D.C. Synod elected the Rev. Richard H. Graham bishop in 2007. Next year, the 2013 Synod Assembly will again be tasked with elections for the office.

The process used in our synod is the ecclesiastical ballot – starting with any person ordained in the ELCA. See the synod’s Constitution & Bylaws for specifics (under “For Congregations” tab). We’re thinking of ways to make this run as smoothly as possible.

Your Synod Assembly Planning Committee is considering best practices for an efficient process. I found some practices used by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington very interesting leading up to the election of Bishop Marianne Budde and their leadership transition. Learn something about their process here. I also like how the ELCA Rocky Mountain Synod kept their members informed.

As our synod’s plans coalesce, we will do our best to effectively share what’s happening with our members and congregations!