Organizing Sites Minister to Needs

Group 236

Most of you may know about these meaningful sites… but even church folk have heard what they say about assuming… Here are a few I was reminded of recently.*  Please add your own!

  • caringbridge.orgCaringBridge provides free websites that connect people experiencing a significant health challenge due to cancer, premature birth, injury or other circumstance with family and friends.
  • cleaningforareason.orgCleaning For A Reason is a national non-profit in the country providing free, professional housecleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment. A neighbor says the service is once per month for four months. Application instructions are online.
  • – Lotsa Helping Hands was created to support family caregivers by empowering their family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and church or synagogue members – which they call a family’s ‘circles of community’ – who are eager to help them as they manage the daily tasks that become a challenge during times of family or medical crisis, caregiver exhaustion or when caring for an elderly parent.

“Seems like these would be tremendous resources for churches,” writes Alice Benson, Executive Director, Lutheran Planned Giving Metro DC, who started this list.  “The Internet is definitely helping build and organize community — but it still takes people to pull off the basics!”

*This is NOT an endorsement. Just passing along the info.