Connect with these partners in ministry in a variety of fields.

CHURCHWIDE expression of the ELCA, which with congregations and synods enables and supports us all to grow in faith and put faith into action.

LOCAL MINISTRY RESOURCES have expertise and energy to share with Lutherans in the area.

AFFILIATED SOCIAL SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS reach out to our conmmunity with vital services.

OUTDOOR MINISTRIES encouraging spiritual growth for the whole person by providing encounter with scripture, experience and care of the environment, staff witness, and opportunities for worship, re-creation, and relationship development through intentional Christian community.

ADVOCACY ORGANIZATIONS speaking to people in power on behalf of others who are not heard, as governing officials serve an instrumental role in God’s purpose for the world when they work for peace, stability and the common good.

ECUMENICAL AND INTERFAITH GROUPS engaging in mutual encounters and shared efforts so that together we mobilize greater resources for building healthy and hospitable communities and live out Jesus’ example of justice, peace and service.

LUTHERAN COLLEGES in the region are settings where matters of learning and faith are engaged.

LUTHERAN SEMINARIES in the region are key in the development of faithful, wise and courageous people to lead the church in the 21st century.

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