People behind numbers and paper and cookies

Group 236

2:10 the Rev. Darcy Tillman and John Handley presented the Mission Spending Plan (MSP) on behalf of the Finance Committee.

Immediately upon opening the MSP, it is obvious that the synod shares many of its resources with churchwide ministries. I think this is incredibly awe-inspiring. For 2015 we are planning on sending the national ELCA $860,000 to distribute to our various national and international ministries. that is 50% of our MSP. Personally, at least, I couldn’t help but think, “If only I were that faithful.”

The Mission Spending Plan was approved. After some more discussion on a resolution related to immigration the Synod Assembly adopted “Calling upon the Metropolitan Washington DC Synod to stand in prayerful solidarity with those suffering under current immigration laws.” The assembly opted not, however, to consider a late resolution presented from the floor. It will instead be considered by the Synod Council.

Elected leaders in the synod were installed during the Synod Assembly's closing worship service.

Elected leaders in the synod were installed during the Synod Assembly’s closing worship service.

The Rev. Amy Thompson Sevimli, Assistant to the Bishop, offered her report. Since Harold Sargeant retired last year, Pr. Sevimli has taken over the administration and managing of mobility and candidacy, and she constantly reminds herself that “papers are people” too – meaning that each form and set of papers affect real people. Although looking different than last year, young adult ministry remains an aspect of Pr. Sevimli’s synod ministry, and she invites suggestions and comments.

With his customary promptness, Bishop Graham released the assembly for break. After cookies and camaraderie, the assembly regrouped for closing worship and the installation of elected leaders.