Piety, debate and a fair bit of silliness

Group 236

Here is the final blog post of the day!


After the conclusion of lunch, the Assembly had another Q & A session, this one with Dr. Williams. Again, it was a wonderful opportunity to engage in dialogue. Our members shared thoughts and questions, and our guest shared wise and considered answers about current events, history and ethics. Bishop Graham thanked Dr. Williams once more for his words and presence

The Rev. Phil Hirsch presented a final New Connections video, reminding the Assembly once more about the resources available to congregations and the possibilities when enthusiastic people work together.

Thanks again, Esther, for helping us all get a feel of this event.

The Rev. Mark Edwards gave the final Reference and Council report of the day. He conveyed the entire Assembly’s thanks to all the guests and speakers, as well as all the behind-the-scenes hands who made this Assembly run smoothly. There are too many names to name. Thank you to everyone who attended, and everyone who gave their time and effort to this gathering.


Some final reflections; Bishop Graham said yesterday that we would observe the Reformation with “piety, debate and a fair bit of silliness.” This doubles as a good description of the Synod Assembly. After all the hard work in putting this together, it has been a wonderful gathering of faithful believers, working hard to fulfill God’s mission. There has been learning, prayer, fun, and fellowship—all in all, a fantastic experience.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I see you at the next Assembly!