Powered by the Spirit – and lots of sugar

Group 236

120427sweetsSome would say a gathering of Lutherans or an official assembly is powered by the Holy Spirit. While the Spirit might inspire the actions of the church, some rely heavily on sugar and caffeine to power their physical actions at this gathering.
Most in attendance sip on the abundant Starbucks coffee that is available at the assembly, but a larger-than-normal can of Mountain Dew was the morning beverage of choice for the Rev. Wendy Deeben. It sits on the table next to large bags of Sour Patch and Jolly Rancher candy. Next to her is the Rev. Kate Davidson, who is drinking a can of a Red Bull energy drink.
The two say this high-sugar energy is their normal provision at assemblies in order to keep them awake and alert. They have chosen a spot in the back of the room where they can participate in the proceedings, energized by their snacks. Pr. Davidson was the leader of the Festive Eucharist, a role she carried out in a very pastoral way, without bouncing off the walls on a sugar high.
There is actually something biblical to this habit, as Proverbs 24.13 demonstrates: My child, eat honey, for it is good, and the drippings of the honeycomb are sweet to your taste.