Prayer for Christian unity

Group 236

Hearts are touched as Christians come together to pray for their unity during the traditional Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, observed between January 18-25. The theme for 2017: “Reconciliation – the love of Christ compels us.” In the context of the Reformation Anniversary, the Council of Churches in Germany took up the work of creating the resources for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2017. The materials have two accents: on the one hand, celebration of God’s love and grace. On the other hand, the materials recognize the pain of deep divisions which afflicted the Church, openly name the guilt, and offer an opportunity to take steps toward reconciliation. Find these materials in multiple languages, including a theme song, jointly prepared and published by the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity and the Commission on Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches on the World Council of Churches website. An excerpt:

May the wellspring of God’s gracious reconciliation overflow in this year’s Week of Prayer,
so that many people may find peace, and so that bridges may be built.
May people and churches be compelled by the love of Christ
to live reconciled lives and to break down the walls that divide!