Pre-natal care push against malaria

Group 236

1404malariacampaignprenatalA woman’s immunity to malaria is reduced when she becomes pregnant, putting her and her baby at greater risk. Two doses of anti-malarial medication during pregnancy protect both mom and baby from contracting the disease.

World Malaria Day is observed internationally on April 25, 2014, and World Malaria Sunday will be observed on April 27. A World Malaria Day Toolkit has been prepared by the ELCA Malaria Campaign for that week and any other time you would like to uphold the work of the ELCA Malaria Campaign with intergenerational activity ideas, prayers, sermon starters and more.

Results are evident from use of the over $11 million given toward the ELCA Malaria Campaign thus far. Here are some stats:

  • 32,179 pregnant women received pre-natal malaria care;
  • 9,227 church leaders, program staff, health workers, community leaders and volunteers trained in malaria prevention and control;
  • 8,108 workshop or educational sessions held;
  • 60,788 educational pamphlets distributed;
  • 100,304 people tested for malaria;
  • 19,336 people treated for malaria;
  • 22,056 nets distributed; and
  • 1,912,445 people reached through malaria programming.

A child dies every 60 seconds from malaria. Let’s keep this hope-filled push against this preventable and treatable disease going.

Dorothy Sorrell is the synod coordinator of the ELCA Malaria Campaign. Reach her at or 703-591-2236