racial equity audit

Racial Equity Audit Process & Updates

The Metro D.C. Synod Council issued a letter on October 7, 2020, that called on the synod and its congregations to dismantle white supremacy within the church and society-at-large.

In May of 2021, the synod council unanimously affirmed a Racial Justice Plan, proposed by the racial equity planning team, and the synod is moving forward with implementation by partnering with a consultant to complete a Synod-wide racial equity audit.

Goals of Racial Equity Audit

  • 1 Review internal systems for bias and inequitable outcomes;
  • 2 Propose changes that are more likely to yield equitable results; and
  • 3 Identify barriers to achieving equity, including instances in which our polity makes change more difficult.

Synod Partners with Gold Enterprises for Racial Equity Audit

After being blessed with several faithful proposals and interviewing multiple candidates and organizations, we are pleased to partner with in Gold Enterprises LLC, an independent, 100% women- and minority-owned consulting firm founded in 2016.


The Phases of Racial Equity Audit

As we spend the next year or so with Gold Enterprises, we will be working through the following project phases:

  • Phase 1 (currently underway): A deep dive into our governing documents and day-to-day operations.

  • Phase 2: An invitation to rostered ministers and lay leaders to share their perspective and experiences by participating in a survey.

  • Phase 3: Facilitated dialogues and interviews with individuals and groups within the synod.

  • Phase 4: Strategic planning for the future to implement change that is sustainable and will ensure continuous growth and development.

  • When the audit is complete, the strategic plan provided by Gold Enterprises will leave us in a place where we have a better understanding of who we are – and not just who we say we are. We will also have an action plan for how to ensure continuous growth and development.


Gold Enterprises Team

For this project, Gold Enterprises brought together a team of experts who will utilize their specialties – from facilitating dialogues to survey methodology and strategic planning – to help us navigate each stage of the year-long process.

Sheena-Foster-247x300 1
Shauna Gold
Facilitator & Project Manager | M. Div. Ed.D
Malika Clinkscales
Malika Clinkscales
Change Management | M.A., M.S.
Andréa Rodriguez
Andréa Rodriguez
Design Thinking | M.A. EdHD
Lisa Ingarfield
Lisa Ingarfield
Methodologist | Ph.D.
Cody Nielsen
Cody Nielsen
Strategic Planning | Ph.D.

Receive Updates About Audit

As we spend the next year or so with Gold Enterprises, we will keep this page updated as the project progresses. You can also receive updates through the synod email newsletter, which you can subscribe to below.