Self-service option to expand congregational awareness

Group 236

Miss the “Secret Visitor Training” last month?* Bummer. Many congregations are on their way to expanding their understanding of what it’s like for a newcomer in their midst.

HOWEVER, feedback regarding how people experience your congregation is certainly still possible! In fact, there are some unique strengths to your congregation taking on this project on its own.

STEP 1 – Think of 1 or 2 people who live in your community (but are not part of your congregation).11toseeourselves125
STEP 2 – Ask them to visit your congregation a couple of times in the next 3 months.
STEP 3 – Give them the Hospitality Checklist, an evaluation tool found on our Web site, to share with you after their visits.
STEP 4 – Send your “Secret Visitor” a thank you gift. (A coffee gift-card often puts a smile on someone’s face, for example…)
STEP 5 – Consider the visitors’ comments!

“You’ll be getting feedback from someone in the community who you’d like to reach,” said the Rev. Phil Hirsch of the synod staff. Comment areas include parking access, Web presence and “Did you ever feel like singing?”

Using the “self-serve option” also gives you practice connecting your neighbors with your congregation. It’s valuable To See Ourselves As Others Do.

* Check out materials from the May 2011 event online.