Seven Last Words: Strange Fruit Speaks

Group 236

This Holy Week the Racial Equity Team invites you to engage in a new way of experiencing the cross. Modeled after the “Seven Last Words of Jesus” traditionally preached on Good Friday, The Riverside Church in the City of New York convened and recorded the “Seven Last Words: Strange Fruit Speaks” service with a focus on the final words uttered by seven black people slain by police, security personnel, or vigilantes. These words served as the preaching texts for seven sermons that were originally presented on February 20, 2015. These are powerful and difficult words to process.

The Racial Equity Team is providing these videos with the suggestion that you take each video as you can handle it. You can spread them out over the week or watch them in succession. There is no right way, but they do invite you to engage in the message. If after seeing one or all of these videos you want to learn more about how to become engaged in Racial Equity efforts in the synod you can learn more here.

Charge to the Congregation – Rahel Tesfamariam

Rev. Dr. Renita J. Weems – [Scream], Trayvon Martin

Rev. Traci deVon Blackmon– “Mom, I want to go to college.” -Amadou Diallo

Rosa A Clemente “Don’t Shoot” Michael Brown

Rev. Nyle Fort –  “I love you (too).” – Sean Bell

Darnell L. Moore– “I don’t want to die.” -Shantel Davis  

Rev. Michael A. Walrond, Jr.– “I can’t breathe” -Eric Garner 

Father Michael Pfleger– “I want to go home.” -Renisha McBride

“Seven Last Words: Strange Fruit Speaks” provided by The Riverside Church in the City of New York