Stretching, unsettling, challenging global mission

Group 236

“Meredith is teaching Sunday School in translation and working with Roma teenagers at an after school program. Chelsea is connecting with teachers and students at the Lutheran elementary school, as well as getting to know the local Roma Government Program in her town. Thad is living with a Roma family in a rural village, and working with the Filadelfia Lutheran church outreach programs there. Mari is serving meals to people without homes in Nyiregyhaza, and playing with puppies and kittens at an animal shelter in her spare time. Ole is teaching religion to high school students and building relationships with Roma women at their pentecostal house church.”

Visiting with YAGM Thad and his host family. Photo from "Spread the Good News" blog.

Visiting with YAGM Thad and his host family. Photo from “Spread the Good News” blog.

So describes the Rev. Miriam Schmidt, ELCA missionary serving in the Metro D.C. Synod’s Companion Synod in the Slovak Republic, of her recent visits with Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) stationed in Hungary. “Life this year is stretching, unsettling, and challenging these young adults, and sometimes, it fills them with joy.”*

Consider creating a covenant relationship of prayer, mutual communication and financial support through ELCA Global Church Sponsorship. An invitation has been issued to particularly support:

  1. Missionary team Pr. Schmidt and Jeremy Blyth; and
  2. YAGM serving in Malaysia.

“Thousands of ELCA members and congregations know the joy of supporting a longer-term missionary or Young Adults in Global Mission,” says the Rev. Lanny Westphal, director of the program.

Find a wonderful bird’s-eye view of ministry in Slovakia and more on the blog: (*including 11/24/13 material quoted above) and review an ELCA Missionary Profile of the couple (pdf file). A one-page synopsis of the how/what/where of young adults in global mission in Malaysia (pdf file) is available to help you consider support of these volunteers, ranging in age from 19-29.

Fresh eyes use pictures and stories to tell us of God’s wonderful work in countries and communities and lives from Argentina to Madagascar in blogs from YAGM. Reference this list (pdf file) and journey into their posts to learn more.

“Please consider this invitation carefully and prayerfully as a way for your congregation to make a world of difference for God’s global mission!” asks Pr. Westphal. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact or 800-638-3522, ext. 2657.