Synod Assembly COVID-19 Protocols

Group 236

Our Synod Council, Staff, and Assembly Planning Team have been considering the best protocols for our 2022 Synod Assembly knowing that we are bringing together a large group of people while we are still in the middle of a pandemic that has caused over one million deaths in our nation alone. We want to create a safe environment to gather together for our first time in over two years. The hotel hosting our assembly has implemented protocols for ventilation and spacing. In addition, we are asking assembly participants to take the steps outlined below in the hope that we can create an event that feels as safe as possible for our attendees and their loved ones. Our current protocols for this Synod Assembly are:

  • We strongly encourage attendees who are eligible to be vaccinated and boosted;
  • We strongly encourage attendees to take a covid test (PCR or at-home antigen test) within 48 hours of the assembly; and
  • We strongly encourage masking inside unless eating, and especially while singing.

We will continue to closely monitor local and national trends and ask that anyone attending the assembly who tests positive for covid or suspects they may have COVID-19 within 5 days of the assembly to immediately contact the assembly planning team at to receive information on how to attend and vote remotely.

To help all our attendees with these requests we suggest going to the COVID-19 Toolkit provided by the US government at which will help provide information on:

  • Local Free N95 masks
  • Local Vaccine and Booster Locations
  • Local Testing Centers and Treatment Information
  • Free At-Home Test Ordering

Additionally, many of our local counties and the district are providing free PCR and at-home antigen tests. Please reach out to your local authority for more information.

Thank you for participating in these protocols to allow for a healthy and spirit-filled assembly. We are looking forward to seeing you.