Synod steps-up to ELCA Malaria Campaign goals

Group 236

by Dorothy Sorrell, synod ELCA Malaria Project coordinator

Hunkered under a mosquito net, children learn about malaria and its prevention.

The Metro D.C. Synod showed its support during the week of World Malaria Day in a variety of ways.  A few examples* include:

  • The Rev. Gerry Johnson of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Fairfax, Virg., gathered children under a mosquito net to tell them about malaria and how we can help.
  • The Rev. Michael Gutzler and the members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Woodbridge, Virg., saw beautiful butterflies as a way of reminding everyone of the need to support the ELCA Malaria Campaign through the purchase of nets.
  • The Rev. Robert Lewis, Jr. and members of Messiah Lutheran Church in Alexandria, Virg., made mosquitoes disappear as nets were purchased.
  • The Rev. Margrethe Kleiber and the members of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fairfax, Virg., began their congregation’s month-long ELCA Malaria Campaign on World Malaria Sunday.
  • The synod’s Global Mission Committee met on World Malaria Sunday, and the Rev. Bob Allard, chair of the committee,  led the group in a litany and prayers from ELCA Malaria Campaign resources.
  • The Synodical Women’s Organization listened to Dorothy Sorrell, synod ELCA Malaria Campaign coordinator, describe people who are being helped as we accompany Lutheran church bodies in Africa facing the malaria crisis and were provided resource materials.

The Metro D.C. Synod is committed to the work of the ELCA Malaria Campaign, and it is on its way toward meeting our goal of $250,000 and 100% participation by synod congregations.  Contact Dorothy Sorrell for information and resources at or 703-591-2236.

* Find more photos from the week of  World Malaria Day on Facebook and the home page.