Tasty breakfast, tantilizing discussion – and other synasm updates

Group 236

Just sent to our congregations, and now posted for all!

REGISTRATION IS ROLLING, but it closes June 7

  • Voting Members and Visitors are encouraged to register for the 2013 Synod Assembly, approaching soon on June 21-22. Registration CLOSES on June 7 !!!

GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS Special Saturday Morning On-site Breakfast (June 22)

  • Based on feedback from prior gatherings, this year time is built-in to informally visit with members of congregations in your area (based upon conferences). During breakfast on Saturday morning, assembly participants can chat over coffee and juice about the many things we have in common, including decisions at hand!
  • Don’t know which conference you’re in? Don’t worry. We’ll point you in the right direction. “This should be a great time of fellowship, but also an opportunity to discuss [items] important to many lay members,” says the Rev. Doug Jones, Synod Assembly chair.


  • Not exactly. But materials will increasingly be posted to the “Pre-Assembly Materials” page in the next days for your review that maximize productivity of our time together.
  • For example, Pr. Jones encourages Voting Members to review proposed bylaw changes to the synod constitution ahead of time. “We will have limited time for debate,” he notes, so planning is required to read before discussing and voting.
  • Speaking of the proposed Constitution and Bylaws changes, Bishop Graham touches on this subject in a video, introducing the activity of the Shape of the Synod Task Force. To see the video, go to the Forum blog’s “Shape of the Synod” post.




  • Lots to do, and if you want to pitch in we’ll put you to work! Contact Amy Acland at aacland@metrodcelca.org.