The stage is set

Group 236

8:01 AM – As the clock strikes 8:00AM the gentle hum of Lutherans gathering fills the lobby of Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Fairfax, Virginia. Off to the side of the lobby, in the Parish Hall the interns and volunteers are busily at work stuffing packets of information for Voting Members and visitors.

Each packet includes a handcrafted, grass-woven cross. In the front corner of the sanctuary, behind the tables set up for the bishop and guests, rises the most amazing stained glass image of the burning bush of Moses fame, with the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove descending.

8:15 AM – The line for registration stretches in to the sanctuary, as volunteers with Lutheran GRACE place prayer cards on each seat. Prayer cards completed by Synod Assembly participants will be handed out to attendees of AIDS 2014, coming up in August in Australia with attendees from our midst.*

Two hundred and sixty voting members have registered, and the sanctuary is currently abuzz as the media table, voting machine table, and musicians prepare… and check for adequate power plugs.

See “Young Leaders Head to Australia for AIDS2014” in the Forum blog (6/9/14).