Accomplished years

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The years between 1517 and 1525 are critical in the shaping of Martin Luther as a reformer.

The nailing of the 95 Theses on the chapel door of Wittenberg Castle created a firestorm that soon engulfed the entire medieval church. Five years later, he defied the Pope at the Diet of Worms.

On a personal level, his life also changed dramatically when he married the former Cistercian nun, Katharine von Bora (1499-1552). He first provided critical assistance for her flight, along with other nuns, from the Cistercian monastery of Marienthron (Mary’s Throne) in Nimbschen in 1523. Then, as they drew closer over the next two years, she urged that they marry. He readily agreed. They took that step on June 13, 1525. Katie, as he called her, became his indispensable partner in the advocacy of church reforms on many fronts, while giving birth to six children. In the end, the marriage and its legacy count among his greatest accomplishments.