What’s a Wholeness Wheel?

Group 236

Bishop of ELCA Southeastern Minnesota Synod discusses wellness.With a donut and coffee in hand, Bishop “Huck” Usgaard of the ELCA Southeastern Minnesota Synod (can you say donut like a Minnesotan?) launches a light-hearted look at the Wholeness Wheel – a tool available from the ELCA Board of Pensions (BOP) which illustrates that wellness is multidimensional: made up of spiritual, vocational, intellectual, emotional, physical, social and financial elements of well-being – via video.

Along with other rostered leaders and BOP members across the ELCA, Bishop Usgaard is challenged to take stock of his health and lifestyle habits using a Mayo Clinic health assessment tool. bopwholenesswheelAs incentive to participate in the confidential, online survey, BOP health care participants in each synod will receive personal wellness account credit and help the entire synod approach the level of participation needed to obtain a 2% health contribution discount.

Watch the video from our Southeastern Minnesota Synod colleagues as they challenge one another to nurture their wellness. Learn more about the Wholeness Wheel from the BOP. And BOP plan participants may want to take 30 minutes right now at www.elcaforwellness.org to take part in the BOP 2% Challenge.