#whycamp notions

Group 236

Why has camping at an outdoor ministry site touched you? Bullying-free zone. A heart full of praise. Friendships. Kayaking biceps. Help navigating life’s challenges. Drippy s’mores. Marvel at God’s creation.

During “I Love Camp” month in February, you are invited to tell us your #WHYCAMP notion.

contributes the Metro D.C. Synod’s own Maddie Tallman, Administrative Fellow on staff.

“For several years, I worked as a counselor at Mar-Lu-Ridge and witnessed not only my own leadership skills develop and flourish, but also the leadership skills of many counselors after me as well,” she tells us. “Several of my camp peers have started seminary recently, and I plan to as well with the hope of taking what we learned and experienced at camp into a broader ministry setting.”

Maddie Tallman recalls being a camp counselor fondly.

Maddie Tallman recalls being a camp counselor fondly.

“Camp is a safe and fun place to be immersed in community and build one another up while growing in faith in Jesus Christ,” she says.

Share a #WHYCAMP experience on social media (you can also send to sarah@mar-lu-ridge.org who will post it for you), or make one! There are a wide variety of camping experiences offered at both Caroline Furnace in Fort Valley, Virg. and Mar-Lu-Ridge in Jefferson, Md. – peruse the selections or plan your own getaway during open retreat opportunities. Consider a sponsorship to make another person’s #WHYCAMP dream come true. Or maybe being a counselor is a match for your or someone you know’s ideals and abilities.

Use “I Love Camp” resources – including the #WHYCAMP leaf graphic – to learn more and share support for these wonderful outdoor ministry opportunities.