Worship has commenced!

Group 236

There has already been a great deal of hustle and bustle in preparation as display tables go up, visitors arrive, and voting members prepare for a productive day. The ballroom was filled with conversation and laughter as old friends and new mingled and visited.

Prayer in body and voice: Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.

The opening worship service featured hymns and prayers asking for God’s presence, and the Assembly joined together to stand and pray with their bodies, minds and spirits.

Bishop Richard Graham preached during the opening worship on the words of 1st John—“God is Love.” He encouraged the Assembly to think of this in their lives and relationships with the world, despite the conflict, anger and suffering that we may encounter. May we be a blessing to those around us, and share God’s love with the world.

We prayerfully invited this Assembly be guided by God’s grace and wisdom today and tomorrow and in the future.