Worship in new building adds joy to season

Group 236

by the Rev. Mark W. Olsen


Were it not for this being the season of Lent, shouts of “Alleluia!” would be echoing across the face of the Bull Run Mountains this morning.

I am happy to share with you that today* we received our Certificate of Operation and Occupancy. That means worship in our new building could begin on Sunday, March 17. There truly has been, and will now without any hint of reservation be, rejoicing in our congregation at our ability to worship in, and do ministry from, our new facility.


While the dedication of our new building isn’t scheduled until June 2 (and we will be able to say “thank you” to all of you again at that time), today, on behalf of the people of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, I thank each of you for your prayers, your guidance and your support in helping us get to this very special day. And I look forward to being able to thank the other congregations of our synod at our Synod Assembly, or in some other fitting venue or format, for helping us achieve this next step in our ongoing mission and ministry. We could not have done this without you, nor without them.

Thank you!

Believe… Belong… Become… Come and Be with us at Shepherd of the Hills! ~ Pastor Mark

*original notice dated March 13, 2013