Young ministers recognized, Malaria Initiative adopted in day’s biz

Group 236

They waste no time getting started here in Minneapolis. After concluding last night’s session well after the planned hour, we were scheduled to begin Tuesday’s plenary at 8:00am. I expected people to wander slowly and sleepily to the assembly hall between 8:00 and 8:30AM, but I was wrong.  The assembly was punctual and ready to roll…with gusto!

The day was filled with various reports, floor discussions about the human sexuality statement and hearings about

The Lutheran Malaria Initiative was adopted.

The Lutheran Malaria Initiative was adopted.

the various resolutions that will come before the assembly.  Rostered leaders under 32, including our own Pastor Kate Murray, are attending the assembly as visitors, and they were recognized for their participation and their ministry in our Church.  One of them preached at the day’s worship. Lutheran World Relief gave a report about their work, and the Assembly handily passed the Lutheran Malaria Initiative.  Check out the link for this exciting initiative:

I have only highlighted a few of the many things that are happening, but I hope that you are following along on the web at, on Twitter (follow especially #dcsynod and #cwa09), and on this blog. In the meantime, though, check out all the ways the Church is working to bring the Churchwide Assembly to you, even in the Metro D.C. area!